Project: Sound Art Documentation

Sound Art Documentation : Spatial Audio and Significant Knowledge (SAD_SASK)
First Phase — (finished)

+ Production of a taxonomy of sound art installation taxonomy based on a non-exhaustive inductive-deductive review of practice
+ Selection of case studies based on this review:
+—— First case study: Estelle Schorpp’s Écosysteme(s).
+—— Second case study: Jean-Pierre Gauthier’s Générateur stochastique.
+ Publications
+—— Boutard, G., Guastavino, C., Bernier, N., Gauthier, P.-A., Fraisse, V., Giannini, N., & Champagne, J. (in press). Review of contemporary sound installation practices in Québec. Resonance, 3(2)
+—— Fraisse, V., Giannini, N., Guastavino, C., & Boutard, G. (accepted). Experiencing sound installations: a conceptual framework. Organised Sound.
Second Phase — (6DoF audio capture: finished ; Interviews: ongoing)

+ Spatial Audio capture using a 6DoF system: 7 3rd order ambisonics microphones placed in a fixed grid system. Sound engineer: Jack Kelly; 6DoF Technician: Florian Grond
+—— First case study: Estelle Schorpp’s Écosysteme(s) installed for the project and recorded in McGill University’s Music Multimedia Room (MMR).
+—— Second case study: Jean-Pierre Gauthier’s Générateur stochastique recorded during an exhibition at Gallery Ellephant.
+ Production of a navigation interface in the spatial audio recording for both works. Max/MSP Development: Gabriel Lavoie Viau
+ Situated interviews during listening sessions with experts from multiple domains: Sound artists; Sound engineers; Curators and conservators of time-based media arts
+—— Examples of listening session
+ Principal Investigator
+—— Guillaume Boutard — Université de Montréal.
+ Co-Researcher
+—— Catherine Guastavino — McGill university.
+ Collaborators
+—— Nicolas Bernier — Université de Montréal.
+—— Philippe Aubert Gauthier — Université du Québec à Montréal.
+—— Patricia Falcão — Tate.
+—— Jack McConchie — Tate.
+—— Seth Cluett — Columbia University.
+ Students
+—— Valerian Fraisse — PhD student — McGill University; IRCAM.
+—— Nicola Giannini — PhD student — Université de Montréal.
+—— Julien Champagne — Master student — Université de Montréal.
+—— Gabriel Lavoie Viau — Master student — Université de Montréal.
+ Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).